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e-pure™ Air Purifiers & Ventilation

Air Purification Units for Commercial Applications

Proper ventilation is the key to high-quality indoor air. Emeg are dedicated to providing excellent indoor air quality within the rail industry both in administration facilities and depot shed buildings with our standalone air purification units and Boost Current ventilation systems.

Recent events have made indoor air quality (IAQ) one of the most trending topics, highlighting the connection between indoor air quality and the wellbeing of the occupants of buildings. We spend more time inside buildings than outside, with jobs and lifestyles that force us to spend more than 80% of our time indoors.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) in rail buildings (offices, MDUs, TMDs, LMDs, DMUs, stations, canteens, shops, etc.) is directly related to people’s health, productivity and comfort.

Why e-pure™?

Exposure to air contaminants – from dust to spores, bacteria or viruses, as well as the chemical compounds released by paint, claddings and furniture – has a direct impact on our immune systems and can cause anything from mild discomfort in our respiratory systems (for example, irritation and dryness) to much more serious health problems such as allergies, especially when the exposure to the contaminants is prolonged.

It has been proven that poor IAQ encourages the transmission of infectious diseases. Maintaining optimal indoor air quality has become a priority – a highly important priority during this pandemic situation. Having equipment and systems that can decrease the virus load and reduce the possibility of infection is especially important.

And it is in this search for excellence in indoor air quality where Emeg continues to work and provide solutions.

How to Improve IAQ in Your Depot

What is the solution for improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in your rail depot or commuter train terminal?

  • Standalone air purification equipment that traps contaminants in the indoor air, turning spaces into comfortable and healthy places.
  • Ventilation systems that reduce the concentration of contaminants in the indoor air, replacing it with filtered outdoor air.

Simple to operate, wall- or ceiling-mounted purifiers have a multi-level filtering system that, with a suitable combination of filtering activities, removes contaminants from the air. Air filters in ventilation systems are essential elements in commercial areas and spaces where safety and greater health benefits are sought, in addition to a feeling of comfort.

e-pure™ Case Studies